Hrvoje Fucek
Digital Designer and Developer

I'm a digital designer and developer based in Croatia, specializing in visual brand identity, UI/UX design and web development.

what I do.

Web Design

You need to stand out among competitors, so never underestimate the importance of building a strong brand image that promotes your business.

Web Development

Create cool looking website that complements your brand, a complete e-commerce solution or just a personal blog - the choice is yours.


WordPress gives you everything you need to create anything you want. It’s flexible, secure, and powerful, just like you want your business to be.

Digital Marketing

Promote your products, use SEO tools and statistics, and connect with your audiences on social media to grow your business.

Print Design

Make unique and personalized graphic designs for advertising productions and any marketing strategy.

Hosting Services

Hosting your website on a high-speed and secure sever will decrease your bounce rate.


Deliver better customer experiences with A/B and multi-page experimentation on controlled segments of your traffic.


Together we can define your digital strategy, design your customer experience and make marketing work.


Efficently steer your organisation through one of the widest-reaching data privacy regulatory frameworks.

how I handle a project.

— Briefing

You send me: who you are / goals and core values / target group / what are you offering / required features / sitemap / timeframe and deadlines / example of other sites you like / etc.

— Evaluation

I will have a look at your briefing, evaluate if the project fits both parties conditions and requirements and then, if it's a match, we will have a meeting to discuss how to proceed.

— Concept

We discuss approaches and concepts in order to find the perfect solution for your needs.

— Design

This is where all the magic happens. I will work on the Concept and Design and present you with screens that show the look and the feel of the final product.

— Implementation

After approval of the design we set milestones and begin developing the final product.

— Quality Assurance

After development has finished we start to test it on multiple browsers and devices to fix bugs. After you final approval the website is ready to be shipped.

why me.

Design vs. Development

I enjoy each aspect and love building sites from start to finish.

Quality assurance

I never rest until everything works perfectly.


But never mix it up with “Cheap”.


Always ready to chat about the project.

Quick Turnaround

I do have variety of time-saving tricks up my sleeves.

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